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Orient Technology Group is the Best Gold Detector & Metal Detectors Company.

A leading international company in the field of selling, manufacturing and trading of gold, mineral and groundwater detectors,

as an exclusive agent and distributor approved by Major American and European companies.


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We provide the latest equipment specialized in the detection of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and others with various work and research systems


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Authorized distributor and exclusive agent of major German, American and Turkish companies operating in the field of metal detectors.

Most Wanted Gold & Metal Detectors

Device NameMega Scan Pro 2019
Made inGermany
Search System3 Systems
Max Depth40 Meter
Device UseMetals, diamonds and precious stones
Device NameRover C4
Made inGermany
Search System3D Imaging System
Max Depth18 Meter
Device UseAll types of metals and spaces
Device NameInvenio Metal Detector
Made inTurkey
Search System3D Imaging System
Max Depth5 Meter
Device UseDetect gold and all precious metals
Device NameMega G3
Made inGermany
Search SystemLong Rang + Ionic
Max Depth40 Meter
Device UseGold and treasures buried
Device NameGround Navigator 2.0
Made inGermany
Search System3D Imaging System
Max Depth20 Meter
Device UseDetect gold and all precious metals
Device NameImpact Metal Detector
Made inTurkey
Search SystemVLF
Max Depth2.5 Meter
Device UseMetals & Gold

Best Gold Detector & Metal Detector

latest detect systems gold, minerals, precious stones and groundwater


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FAQ’s About Metal Detectors

Most Important Questions & Answers From Our Clients, We Sharing it with You.

In short, yes, because gold is a metal, and metal detectors can detect any metal,

whether ferrous or non-ferrous. There are also devices that contain

special features for detecting gold in particular.

Metal detectors can be classified according to several classifications,

and most popular classification is according to the search system

or search technology in the device, and classified into the following types:

1 – Electromagnetic metal detectors

2 – 3D imaging system

3 – Long-Range metal detectors

You can review the following article to learn more: Types of Metal Detectors

The 3D imaging metal detectors are the most accurate in their results when searching for metals.

These devices give a three-dimensional image representing the structure

of the ground scanned by the measurement probe. It is easy to know

the depth and position of the target buried accurately through a special

application or program installed on a tablet or computer undled usually with these devices.

The maximum depth that a metal or gold detector can detect depends on

several factors, including the type of the device’s search system.

For example, the maximum depth of electromagnetic devices is about 2-3 meters,

while up in the long-range devices to 30 – 40 m and in the 3D imaging metal detectors about 20 – 25 meters.

Knowing that the maximum depth of the discovery of any target depends on

the length of burial of the object, its orientation, its size and dimensions, type of metal and several other factors.

The idea of ​​a metal detector was invented by inventor Alexander Graham Bell

(inventor of the telephone) in 1881.

The first metal detector, in its current form, was designed in 1925 by Gerhard Fischer,

the founder of the US company Fisher Labs, which was put up for sale in 1931.

The metal detectors are operated according to one of the two search technologies using a search coil that contains electrical coils.

The first technology is called very low frequency or VLF, here two coils are used, one search coil to transmit electromagnetic signals and another to receive signals reflected from the buried target.

The second technology is Pulse Induction and uses one coil to send electromagnetic impulses to the ground and then receiving the reflected signal.

There are many options including Simplex, Gold Monster 1000


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Yes , it can detect all types of metallic objects including non-ferrous metal

such as Iron, Steel and non-ferrous metal like Silver, Gold, Platinum, Copper …

We recommend two options Simplex or Gold Monster 1000


find out other options in this article: Best Metal Detectors for Beginners

In most countries, metal detector user may be in violation of the law if artifacts are recovered during metal detecting

, or if archaeological sites are disturbed during metal detecting activities.

Artifacts and archaeological sites on federal, state, and local jurisdiction-controlled properties are protected by law.

In some countries it is illegal completely to buy a metal detector, and in some countries, it is allowed to use

but with need for permission of land owner.

see your lawyer for laws in your country about metal detection


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