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3D Imaging System Gold Detectors


3D imaging system gold detectors are one of the best accurate metal detectors

 in the field of discovering treasures and various metals underground.

The 3D imaging system gold detectors are professional devices suitable

 for professional prospectors and treasure hunters as well as archaeologists

 and excavators for ancient burials, but nevertheless they are easy to use

 for beginners and amateurs also.

Due to the special search technology in these devices and high accuracy

and many features, the price of 3D imaging detectors is relatively high compared

 to other types of metal detectors, but in return offers great depths

and excellent performance to discover what the rest types of devices can’t find.

3D Imaging System Gold Detectors Features

– The method of conducting the scan is by selecting a rectangular area

   of a certain length and width and dividing the area into scan lines

   and each line contains a number of points separated by equal distances

  and then perform the scan by the sensor at each point

– Depends for the scanning process on a sensor (probe) conducts a local survey

   or scan of the search area which contains scan lines and scan points.

– Storing data for each point in the device’s memory for later viewing

   or transferring data directly or wirelessly to a computer or smartphone

– Usually included with these devices a laptop or tablet or even a smartphone

    used to display the 3D representation of the scan area on its screen.

– The scanning data is converted to a three-dimensional drawing accurately

   representing the composition and structure of the scanned ground and contained

    buried metal objects or spaces within an application installed on a smartphone

     or special software installed on the bundled tablet or laptop.

– User can know the depth of any target and its precise location easily

   and accurately via the application interface using installed 3D analysis program.

– 3D imaging system gold detectors offers great depths that can reach 10 – 20 meter in some devices.

– Most of the 3D imaging system gold detectors is made in Germany, especially from OKM company,

   but there are available devices from Turkish companies or others

3D Imaging System Gold Detectors Uses

– Search for metals of all types of ferrous metals (iron – nickel) or non-ferrous also (gold, silver and copper)

– Excavation of archaeological burials and ancient treasures from the remnants of previous civilizations

    such as Pharaonic and Assyrian for example.

– Detection of cavity and spaces such as underground caves – tunnels – buried rooms

    and graves that may contain valuable treasures

– Search the territory was the scene of historical battles in search of ancient weapons – armor – chains …

3D Imaging System Gold Detectors Examples


Evo gold detector is the new generation of gold and metal detectors

which includes special technology of three-dimensional ground

scanning to detect the treasures of gold buried and all precious metals underground.

With the use of EVO gold detector, the treasure hunter can ensure the results

provided by the device in terms of accuracy and reliability, and thanks to its small size

 and ease of use method offers the gold finder a pleasant search experience in the search fields.


Invenio is the result of years of research, development, engineering studies

and practical experiments. Invenio was developed as the first metal detector

with intelligent imaging system in the world, which allows to know the shape,

 depth and the exact dimensions of the buried targets.

Also it can detect spaces and underground cavity.

Thanks to the technology embedded within the device, the gold detector

 considered a versatile device that can be used for multiple applications

and to discover multiple different types of metal targets including,

for example: gold treasures buried at a depth of up to 5 meters, voids,

tunnels and underground catacombs, ancient metal coins made of gold or silver,

artifacts, cavities such as underground tunnels.

3D Ground Navigator 2

The device that has been a great success and offer the best results

for prospectors and treasure hunters around the world.

3D Ground Navigator 2 offers improved performance compared to

 the previous version with the introduction of new features to facilitate

 the work of the professional prospector such as control through

 the touch screen and improved scanning sensor with a new design.

The device connects to the sensor via Bluetooth technology to provide

 a comfortable and efficient user experience in the search fields.

Ground Navigator 2 includes the latest ground scanning technology

 from the German OKM company

It is a professional metal detector that meets all the needs of serious users,

 professionals and treasure hunters through its various functions and features.

EXP 6000

OKM EXP 6000 is a revolutionary device in the world of metal detectors,

gold and monuments with the largest integrated range of features and uses

within one device, and is the most powerful device to detect metals in the world.

The EXP 6000 gold detector incorporates the latest 3D ground scanning technology

 and remote metal detection technologies through an advanced, efficient and modern geophysical scanning system.

EXP 6000 is a versatile device for many practical applications

for any serious and professional prospector.

It can explore and locate all kinds of underground targets such as archaeological artifacts,

 statues buried for hundreds of years, golden treasures, ornaments and even blanks, caves, basements and tunnels.

All available 3D imaging system gold detectors can be found at the following link: 3D Imaging System Detectors

3D Imaging System Gold Detectors

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3D Imaging System Gold Detectors

3D imaging system gold detectors are one of the best accurate metal detectors in the field of discovering treasures and various metals underground

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