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bionic x4
bionic x4

Bionic X4 gold & metal detector a unique device with two built-in detection methods to find gold treasures and precious metals from long distances

Search SystemLong Range
Maximum Depth20 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

Bionic X4 gold & metal detector a unique device with

two built-in detection methods to find gold treasures

also precious metals from long distances.

Bionic X4 first detection method is Bionic Detection Method

used to detect all type of buried golden objects independent

of the age of the gold.

Bionic X4 second detection method is Ionic Detection Method

which used to detect long time buried gold treasures.

Therefore the device is used for fast search and prospecting

so the user can explore hidden buried gold treasures.

because it can perform quick examination of search field

therefore  it can find places of interest for detection,

so it is advisable for gold prospectors and treasure hunters

who don’t have any clue where to start detecting.

Bionic X4 is bundled with smart phone with Android operating system

that is used to locate gold targets visually

bionic x4

Bionic X4 Features

– Detection Methods

Bionic X4 gold detector includes two different detection methods

to locate buried gold targets:

1 – Bionic Detection Method (Bio-Energy-System)

In this detection method the device interacts with biological energy

of the user’s body via electrodes on the handle of the gold detector

to analyze minimum changes of object substances.

As a result of using this Bio-Energy system the operator

can find all type of golden objects independent of the age of the gold.

thus it can detect long time buried gold treasure, golden artifacts

also freshly buried gold too.

2 – Ionic Detection Method (Ions-Chamber-System)

By using this detection method the device measures ions radiation (fields)

received from buried golden objects , but in this method the device is only

able to detect long time buried gold treasures

bionic x4 detection method

– Smart Phone

The fully automated Bluetooth connection between the Smart Phone

and Bionic X4 transfers scan data directly to the Smart Phone

where the data is mapped to the display.

So the treasure hunter is able to see the bearing, direction and

image through the Smart Phone’s camera and fix it for later analysis.

Therefore the user of Bionic X4 can conduct the scans without using the smart phone.

but when using smart phone and its integrated camera he can get visual assistance

bionic x4 smart phone

so he maybe know an exact direction from the smart phone application

which will help him greatly in locating of the target easily.

The installed application of bundled Android smartphone

has built-in digital compass that allows a visual detection

of the scan direction with optical fixation of detection direction.

Beside that The smart phone’s app has simple easy to use user interface available in multiple languages.

– Work in All Terrains

Bionic X4 can work in all types of terrain and soils

such as wet soils, dry ground, and humid places and so on.

Despite this the device reaches best performance in sparsely populated areas.

since the Bionic X4 is very sensitive to changes of the ionic and bionic fields.

so the accuracy increases greatly in undisturbed or undeveloped areas.

visual indication

– Other Features

  • Laser light that act as pointer for directional reference especially when searching at night or in dark places
  • The included Power Pack provides 16 hours of continuous operation time.
  • Easy to read illuminated LED display
  • Wireless headphones

Package Contents

– Main electronic control unit

– Smart phone including headphones, USB cable and charger

– Power Pack with charger and travel adapter

– Shock resistant and waterproof transportation case including wheels and retractable handle for easy transportation of the device and its components

– Wireless headphones including batteries

– User’s manual

bionic x4 package contents

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