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discovery 3D ground scanner
discovery 3D ground scanner

Discovery metal detector – the latest technology in gold detection a new release in 2020.

It is the new generation of imaging metal detectors and three-dimensional ground-scanners,

Search System3D Imaging
Maximum Depth25 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

Discovery metal detector – the latest technology in gold detection a new release in 2020.

It is the new generation of imaging metal detectors and three-dimensional ground-scanners,

which allows the prospector and treasure hunter to know the locations of burials,

golden treasures and underground spaces such as tunnels and caves with the ability

to perform a detailed three-dimensional analysis of the land to be discovered.

Discovery offers a practical, easy-to-use device that displays search results directly

on its screen without the need for a separate computer or tablet as in competing devices.

discovery 3D ground scanner

Discovery Features

5 3D Scan Modes

The device includes the ability to choose different modes

for scanning according to several factors such as the nature

of the ground and the purpose of the scan.

The device includes the following scan modes:

1 – Automatic Ground Scan Mode

2- Manual Ground Scan Mode

3 – Realtime Scanning

4 – Dynamic Scanning

5- Pin pointer Scanning

Built-in Screen to Display the Results Directly

Unlike most 3D imaging scanners, Discovery displays results directly

on its screen without the need for a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, etc.

As a result The screen provides the ability to display the results in a three-dimensional

graphical form with the ability to control the presentation and view ports

and conduct detailed and accurate analyzes in order to know the depth and shape

and all information about the buried targets.

3D Graphics

The results can be obtained quickly with the representation

of the ground that was scanned in the form of easy-to-understand

3D graphics that include colored areas with different colors depending

on the target, such as the blue color of the spaces, the yellow of ferrous metals,

the red of gold, and so on.

In addition to that the 3D graphics contains a full data about targets

such as position and depth.

Easily Detailed Analysis

The results are displayed in 3D,  so user can control the presentation

and view-ports and perform detailed analyzes on the screen directly

via the control buttons also.

The different options allow the device program to perform accurate

analyzes in terms of displaying different views to clarify the target info

for instance : shape,position, depth, and real shape, etc.

Great Search Depths

Within ideal conditions, depending on the soil structure, its type,

and the size of the buried targets, it is possible to reach very large

depths of up to 25 meters underground, that is, to obtain depths

far beyond those that can be achieved by standard metal detectors.

Cavity & Spaces Detection

Using an innovative hybrid technology that relies on a geological – electrical

system related to measuring soil resistance with the features of 3D ground scanner

, large underground voids or spaces such as excavated tunnels, buried grooves,

ancient graves, and caves can be discovered in much more depths compared to similar devices.

Easy Customizable Program

For the user, the Discovery program includes a wide variety of options

for personalization, such as display language, view mode, units of measurement,

location information, time zone customization, screen illumination

and brightness, and other options also.

Multi-language Support

The device program interface is available in multiple international languages

including: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian.


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Package Contents

  • Device Main Unit
  • User’s manual


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Discovery the new generation of imaging metal detectors and three-dimensional ground-scanners for easy treasure hunting and gold prospecting

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