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Equinox metal detector a multi-purpose device with ease of use and great price from Minelab

, which adapts equally to all kinds of targets, conditions and terrain

Search SystemVLF
Maximum Depth2 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

Equinox is a modern multi-purpose metal detector works using Very Low Frequency (VLF)

with new enhanced technology and a lot of features making him a best companion

for any prospector or treasure hunter.

The most important feature of Equinox, is its new Multi-IQ technology,

this feature allows the use of more than four different search frequencies at the same time.

So, it is possible to search for underground metal targets using different frequencies simultaneously

as a result  gives more coverage of various targets of different sizes and types of metal.

Therefore ,this saves time and effort of the prospector and thus explores more targets

in less time and thus yields greater returns.

Equinox redefines the multi-purpose metal detectors and uses for all prospectors

and gold prospectors thanks to its ease of use, technology and high performance in all terrain.


Equinox Features

Applications & Uses

  • Coin shooting of ancient and modern coins made of gold or silver
  • Relic hunting of small metallic objects made from different metals
  • Gold prospecting of natural gold nuggets
  • Beach hunting for lost metal objects on rivers, lakes and oceans’ beaches

Multi-IQ Technology

One of the most exciting new features of Equinox is the Multi-IQ technology.

This technology is the first of its kind in a metal detection device, enables the simultaneous use

of multiple search frequencies (including the following frequencies 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 40 kHz).

As a result  that mean the device uses all these frequencies at once to simultaneously search

for underground metal targets and this gives a wider coverage of the various buried targets.

The use of this technology provides the possibility of detecting different metal objects

of different kinds (such as gold, silver or copper…) as well as different sizes (small and relatively large targets)

and thus reduce the effort and time taken to find possible targets.


This feature can be used via the frequency change button under the LCD screen of the device,

by pressing the button either to use a single frequency of search or multi-frequencies option.

Read More about this technology : Multi IQ Technology

Detection Modes

Equinox has four predefined detection modes to suit various natural terrain

settings and for various tasks and applications.

The user can choose the appropriate search mode via the Detection Mode button

and switch between the available options that include the following:

Gold Mode

Gold mode is specially designed to detect gold

or natural gold in search fields within different terrain.



Field Mode

This detection mode was designed to detect different metals in fields

filled with metal objects such as ancient battlefields like ancient coins, swords, daggers, etc.

Park Mode

This mode is quite appropriate as its name indicates in the search for

small metal objects such as rings, coins or small jewelry in gardens or parks



Beach Mode

This detection mode contains best settings for search on

the beach of the seas, rivers and lakes either in dry or wet sand.


Target ID 

Target ID is a unique number that the show on LCD screen,

it is based on the type of detected metallic object as the coil is swept over the ground.

So the Target ID gives the prospector an idea of ​​the nature of the metal type of the buried object.

As a result it is easy to know metal type before digging.

Target ID number ranges from -9 to 40, where the target identity is used to distinguish the target type from the other, as follow:

  • ID numbers from 9 to 0 are for iron targets (such as nails – iron scrap…)
  • Target ID numbers from 1 to 40 are for non-ferrous metal objects such as precious metals such as silver, copper or gold.

Discrimination Scale

Equinox metal detector has this powerful feature a Discrimination Scale.

It is a circular bar that display above the goal number, divided into 5 segments.

However this circular scale corresponds to the 50 Target IDs, grouped into 5 regions.

Detected targets are shown as visible segments or lighted . Rejected or non-detected  targets are turned off.

The Discrimination Scale composed of 5 regions divided as follow :

Ferrous – Very Low Conductive – Low Conductive – High Conductive – Very High Conductive

Modern Waterproof Design

Equinox is made of high-quality, light-weight plastic materials with attractive, sleek design with a large LCD screen

for user convenience when carrying and long-term use in the gold and metal search fields.

The design of the device is waterproof where it can be fully submerged underwater to a depth of about 3 meter.

and so it is ideal for searching on beaches, rivers, streams, lakes and in rainy environments also.


Easy User Interface

Equinox has clear LCD screen, features large-size numbers, so the user can see Target ID and other info easily.

Because LCD screen display all the data and information needed by the prospector and also all device settings.


By using the device user interface, it is easy to adjust many settings easily such as:

  • Select detection mode and operating frequency
  • Activate All- Metal mode for general search
  • Change the Sensitivity setting
  • Creation of notch discrimination patterns to ignore unwanted targets.
  • Activate Pinpoint mode
  • Adjust an array of essential and advanced detecting functions including :

Noise Cancel, Ground Balance, Volume Adjust, Threshold Level, Target Tone, Accept / Reject and Recovery Speed.

  • Adjust advanced Settings to change the way detection are heard, by selecting the number, pitch, and volume of your detection signals.
  • View the status of  battery and wireless audio device connections

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Package Contents

– Main electronic unit

– Carrying tube

– Standard Probe with LED orbit

– Super Sensor with LED orbit

– USB Bluetooth dongle

– 3D software DVD (“Visualizer 3D”)

– Windows Tablet PC

– Wireless headphones (Bluetooth)

– Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapter

– DVD contains instructions video

– User Manual

– Origin Certificate (2 years warranty)


Equinox Metal Detector | Electromagnetic System Detectors

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Equinox Metal Detector | Electromagnetic System Detectors

Equinox metal detector device provides versatile and comprehensive gold detector with special features and unique new Multi-IQ technology

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