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EVO gold detector a new generation of metal detection devices with modern easy to use 3d imaging system ,powerful ground scanning technology for detection of all buried objects underground– Get your device now at best price from Orient Technology Group

Search SystemImaging System
Maximum Depth8 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

EVO metal detector is a unique innovation in the field of metal detecting underground.

the detector works using a special measurement probe,

used for 3D ground scanning of the search area to find metal objects.

This stick-sized probe used a unique technology which is integrated into the Evo metal detector

and used to record the scan data for every point in search field for later analysis.

The 3D ground scanning data show on the screen of bundled Tablet PC

that use special application to display the data as 3D graphics presenting the full details of buried object in specific search area.

By using the analysis app, the prospector can know detailed visual information about any possible buried metal object .

in scanned area – such as gold treasure, including the depth of target and its position and even its metal type.

Evo gold detector is multi-purpose versatile metal detecting device .

as it can be used for treasure hunting, archaeological exploration, cavity detection and other applications.

Due to its small size and light weight, the Evo gold detector gives the user a comfortable experience in the search fields in different locations and terrain.

EVO gold detector features

Evo Gold Detector Device Features

3D Ground Scanning Technology

The special measurement probe or sensor in the Evo gold detector

is equipped with a special technology that uses special built-in sensors

to perform a 3D scan of the ground by receiving magnetic field and ionic field signals from the ground,

these fields are formed around the underground metal objects over time.

These signals are stored digitally in the memory of the device to be processed later

and converted into 3D drawings representing the accurate structure of the scanned ground including all buried objects and soil plus spaces.

Measurement Probe

The measurement probe (the scan sensor) used in Evo gold detector

has a modern ergonomic design and shaped like a stick.

its length can be adjusted either extend its length or reduce the length by using adjustment rings along its body.

The measurement probe contains at its top a panel of control buttons used to power the device on/off

and selection of detection modes, plus a start button on the other side which used to record the scan data

during search process at specific point.

Scanning Procedure

In order to obtain correct and accurate results,

the user of Evo metal detector must perform a division of the search area to several lines

for scanning and segmentation of each line to a certain number of points and

then record measurement at each point, the larger the number of points

the more accurate the scan, and he obtain more accurate results.

Here are the detailed steps to perform the scan:

1 – The user of Evo device must firstly define the search area which he want scan.

the area is a rectangular area with specific length and width, for example 4×3 meters .

and divide the area to multiple scan lines ( 30 cm is a recommended distance between every scan line)

2 – The device turned on by pressing on/off button then select one of detection modes by pressing related button.

3 – The scan start at specific corner of rectangular area, then the user records the scan point by pressing start button on probe.

4 – Then the user move to another point on scan line and so on till end of scan line.

5- After finishing the first scan line the user can select to scan another line

which its start point is near first line start point (parallel search method) .

or the scan of the other line start near the end of first line (zig zag search method) .

6 – After completing all scan lines, the scanned data displayed on tablet screen using 3D analysis software as will be explained later

Evo Scan Modes

EVO gold detector device has two different scan modes which can be used for different purposes

and provide different visualization on screen depending on the selected mode

1 – Live Search Mode

Live search mode provides simultaneous data transfer in 2D.

the user can see the objects with magnetic effect, metallic objects, cavities, and structures which are buried underground.

To use the live search function, press the Live search icon on the application .

or press the LIVE button on the main body of probe, the blue small lamp on the keypad will be activated.

This scan mode display and visualize received data (signals) directly in real time on tablet’s screen as 2D graph.

it is updated upon walking to different place, the changes in the ground presented in the form of a curved graph

with curves towards the top or bottom and changing colors representing the type of buried metal objects .

for example precious metal in red color and spaces in blue color and normal soil in green color and so on.

the benefit of this search mode is that the user can scan large areas in a short time.

also it is best to get a quick idea about possible targets in search field.

2 – 3D Ground Search Mode

3D Ground search is the most used detection mode as it gives best results.

in this mode the user uses the sensor for performing a detailed 3D ground scanning – as explained before –

then this saved scan data converted to 3D graph presenting the ground and its buried metal objects.

The ground search function has two different functions, automatic and manual.

To use the ground search function, be sure to make the wireless connection with the device.

Once connected, you can select the search function with the keys on the device or with the sub menu on the application.

3D Graphics Analysis

Evo gold detector bundled with an Android tablet used to display the scan data in two scan modes.

the tablet comes with installed app used to control the device and receive scan data via wireless connection.

The analyzing application used to analyze the 3d scan data .

so the user can know all detailed information about scanned ground area

including all buried metal objects and cavities.

As the scan data presented as 3D colored graph.

it is easy to know the metal type of any object whether it is gold treasure or silver coin or any precious metals

or space just by know the color of specific object (for example non-ferrous metal is red, space is blue and normal ground is green)

The analyzing app have many tools to analyze and show the data and see any buried object

such as box – jar – gold coins – ancient crevices … , plus to know detailed info about it including exact depth and position in search area.

This device is available at the best price through our company: Orient Technology Group

We are a leading company based in Turkey – Istanbul, we provide the best metal detectors and gold detectors

for all categories of prospectors, from amateurs and beginners to professional prospectors and at the best prices ever.

We provide a flexible and easy way to purchase and various payment methods that include electronic payment,

and we offer monthly the best offers on our devices and products.

Just contact us through the numbers available on our website to know the prices and inquire about any additional information.

Package Contents

1 – Measurement Probe ( Sensor)

2 – Android Tablet

3 – Carrying Case

4 – Charger

5 – Car Charger

6 – AC Charger Socket

7 –

8 – Tablet Case

9 – Gold Bag

10 – Belt

11 – Waist Belt

12 – User Manual

evo package contents


Product rating:4.9 out of 5 with 15 ratings

EVO gold detector a new generation of metal detection devices with modern easy to use 3d imaging system ,powerful ground scanning technology

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    • Hello dear sir
      for more details about prices and how to purchase and payment or any question
      just contact with Sales Department on Whatsapp or Viber : 00905074410706

    • Hello dear sir
      of course it can find underground cavity such as tunnels and chambers
      and it is best device for this application.
      for more details about prices and how to purchase and payment or any question
      just contact with Sales Department on Whatsapp or Viber : 00905074410706

    • Hello Mr.Robert
      PayPal not accepted , but Visa Card yes
      Shipping to Arizona may take about 4-5 days
      for details contact us via Whatsapp : 00905074410706

    • hello Mr.Jason
      the color of any buried target refer to its type
      for example if it is red color it is gold in most cases

    • Hello Mr.Murgan
      the two devices are very similar but rover uc gives more depth
      but Evo is cheaper than Rover UC , but at great performance

    • hello Mr.Truenab
      for the price please contact sales department.
      for customs in most cases you don’t have to pay .

  • All the listed questions are good, but you guys missing the important ones.

    My questions are:
    1- The first one and the most important one. What is the maximum and the minimum depth capability for the EVO. Maximum for large objects such as 20cmX20cm or 30cmX30cm metal box and the minimum depth for small objects such as soda can.
    2- Your entire device weight about 500 grams, which almost 1.10pounds!!! How can you prove to me that the device is well made as you don’t accept returns and why if the device don’ live up to what you are advertising?
    3- Is the device well made and what I mean by that is it made and designed from a reliable material for wildlife exploration and it’s only weight 500 grams?
    4- What is the technology that Evo is based on beside the UMAD technology and ESR sensor technology.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello Mr.Jordan
      The answers are as follow :
      1 – The max depth in theory 8 meter , but if the object is smaller may it be found at less depth
      so for your example if the metal box (20 cm x 20cm ) may it found at max depth about 3 meters but if
      it is buried from longer time may found at more depth.

      2 – Dear sir you can visit us in our store and test the device , yes it is small and lightweight but
      it contains all electronic components of scan probe

      3 – Yes sir it is made of high quality material and reliable , as i said you can test it

      4 – For this point , you can contact the manufacturer (ground tech company) for technical details

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