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exp 4500

EXP 4500 3D ground scanner and metal detector, the most powerful technology for any professional treasure hunter and serious gold prospector

Search SystemImaging System
Maximum Depth20 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

EXP 4500 is multi-purpose device , due to a multitude of built in functions and technologies

as it can detect ancient artifacts, buried gold treasures and

even minerals of most kinds of ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

EXP 4500 use the vast array of sensors and probes, that are designed

for multiple metal detection and treasure hunting activities

at extreme depths also ,well beyond that of a normal metal detector.

So EXP 4500 with its powerful professional functions and tools opens up

new opportunities for any serious treasure hunters, archaeologists , gold seekers ,

metal mining companies and anyone interested in metal detection also.

exp 4500 metal detector

EXP 6000 Features

– Device Applications

EXP 4500 considered as all in one solution for every metal detection

and treasure hunting applications also .

so EXP 4500  is suitable for multiple applications such as:

– Archaeological 3D surveys, treasure hunting and gold prospecting.

– Pin pointer function to locating the exact position of buried treasures such as small coins.

– Detection of underground structures such as tunnels, foundations and caves.

– Mineral and natural gold prospecting

– Natural gold minerals prospecting

–  Finding ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, pirate chests also.

– Tools & Technologies

Exp 4500 metal detector includes a vast array of

measuring probes, accessories and other tools also.

Also an important feature is that most components and tools,

such as  main control unit and measuring probes work

and communicate with each other components via Wi-Fi technology.

– Measuring Probes Set

The functionality of the eXp 4500 metal detector is only one key point that

makes it a unique treasure hunting unit , because of these powerful set .

Every single probe – as a result – is bundled with the device is tuned

and optimized for its own purpose and function.

The following measuring probes are available:

1 – GPR-Antenna Probes

A unique probes that are available in different lengths (25 – 50 – 75 – 100 cm)

so it use Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) technology for ground scanning.

so this probe is very powerful for detection of underground

cavities like tunnels ans so on.

2 – Tunnel Sensor

As the name of this measuring probe already implies,

it is designed to locate hollow spaces underground.

such as tunnels, caves, chambers, bunkers, tombs and the like.

3 – Super Sensor

It is versatile ground scanning probe for a lot of applications and tasks such as:

– Metal minerals scanning and detection.

– Natural gold prospecting.

– As Pin Pointer with metal discrimination also.

4 – FS-Thermo Scan Probe

FS-Thermo scan is a measuring device to detect differences

in temperatures of the environment.

So it can identify cold and warm areas of a field and

conclusions concerning hidden objects and structures.

Applications of this probe include:

– Detection of cavities such as caves, tunnels, chambers, chests…

– Visualization of the distribution of temperatures also.

– Measurement the differences in temperatures, so it is easy to spot areas.

 – PC-Module

The measurement unit of the EXP 4500 includes a PC-module.

so with it the data is displayed immediately on the full color screen.

During the scanning procedure a laptop computer is not required.

as you see the results directly on the screen in real time as it is recorded.

Advanced technology allows measurements in brilliant resolutions also ,

as measured data is stored in the internal memory then can be transferred later to a computer.

Transferring measured values to a computer , allows the operator

also to evaluate and compare all stored data.

As a result the operator can determine depth, size and

position of targets using the professional Visualizer 3D software.

– Operating Modes:

Hidden artifacts are of different sizes and made from different materials.

So the treasure hunter needs different operating modes ,

to find all of those hidden treasures at various depths.

The EXP 4500 ground scanner is capable of the following operating modes:

From the menu on display the user can select one of these operating modes:

1 – Ground Scan

This mode is Ideal for treasure hunters and archaeologists

looking for underground artifacts, treasures as well as historical and archaeological items

2 – Thermo Scan

This mode used to detect cavities and underground tunnels

by measuring differences in temperature, so it is a preferred choice

to find spaces.

3 – Tunnel Scan

It is a specialized mode to detect underground voids,

also a tunnels, cavities and hollow spaces by using Tunnel Sensor.

4 – Mineral Scan

This mode designed for gold prospectors, seekers

and miners also , who are looking for natural gold and minerals

5 – Magnetometer

This mode is helpful because it locate ferrous metals like iron and steel

so the user can find unimportant areas to ignore it and concentrate on

more valuable areas only, such as gold fields.

6 – Pin Pointer Mode

This mode assists user in locating the correct position of detected items. so it is very useful

– Visualizer 3D – 3D visualization software

This powerful software can be installed on any computer

so it use it to perform in-depth analysis for the data

collected by all measuring probes and sensors,

via USB flash memory data transferred from main control unit

to the tablet PC.

As a result using Visualizer 3D the operator can learn detailed visual

information about buried targets including its shape, size, location and depth also.

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Package Contents

The EXP 4500 metal detector and 3d ground scanner is available

in 2 pre-configured packages Professional and Professional Plus package also

It is also possible to add additional parts and accessories as needed by the customer.

EXP 4500 Professional Package Components:

  • Main Control unit
  • Super sensor
  • GPR-antenna ( 25cm )
  • Telescopic rod assembly
  • Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapter
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case
  • Headphones
  • Joystick
  • 3D software ( “Visualizer 3D” ) with data cable also
  • User’s manual
exp 4500 pro package

EXP 4500 Professional Plus Package Components:

  • Main Control unit
  • Super sensor
  • Antenna for tunnel detection
  • FS-Thermo scan
  • GPR-antenna ( 100cm )
  • A GPR-antenna ( 75cm  )
  • Another GPR-antenna ( 50cm )
  • Small GPR-antenna ( 25cm )
  • Telescopic rod assembly
  • Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapter
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case also
  • Headphones
  • Joystick
  • 3D software ( “Visualizer 3D” ) with data cable
  • User’s manual
exp 4500 pro plus

EXP 4500

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EXP 4500

EXP 4500 3D ground scanner and metal detector, the most powerful technology for any professional treasure hunter and serious gold prospector

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