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Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a good low-price entry for gold prospectors with great performance.

Search SystemVLF
Maximum Depth1 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a powerful gold detector from FisherLabs .

It combines ease of use and great features to enable the prospector

to find smallest golden objects such as gold nuggets.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro best feature is its high sensitivity to detect natural gold nuggets

thanks to its reliable induction balance system and a special designed search coils also.


Fisher Gold Bug Pro Features

Ease of Use

The device is easy to use thanks to its unique design, so the control panel

of the device includes only a few buttons and knobs to adjust some settings.

2 Operation Modes

1 – All Metal Mode:

This mode used to find all types of metal objects in the ground;

including ferrous or non-ferrous metal objects .

User must move or swing the search coil to detect possible targets.

2 – Discrimination Mode:

It is used to eliminate trash metal objects (such as nails, foil, pull-tabs) from detection;

The Discrimination Mode is less sensitive to small and deep

objects than the All Metal Mode.

Efficiency & Great Performance

Fisher Gold Bug Pro finds the smallest natural gold nuggets in any terrain whatsoever

or any soils even highly mineralized soils.

Unique Ground Balance Technology

The device has advanced ground balance feature via Ground Grab technology

as it is a computerized ground balancing which cancels the unwanted signals coming

from the ground minerals , while still detecting the signals from buried metal objects.

V-Break Metal Discrimination

Industry’s First Variable Break point tone discrimination system enable to discriminate

metal type based on its signals.

Threshold & Gain Controls

Available as knobs below the display screen to adjust following values:

1 – Gain:

This refers to the detector’s sensitivity, the higher the setting,

the deeper objects can be found, and therefore more sensitive the

detector is to very small metal objects.

2 – Threshold:

controls the detector’s audio level.

as positive threshold values amplify the audio response of

weak target signals.

But negative threshold values suppress sensitivity

Ground Phase

This value indicates the type of minerals in the soil;

the ground phase may change value within an area.

Ground Mineralization Indicator

The Fe3o4 7-segment bar graph indicates the amount of ground mineralization,

independent of type, expressed as an equivalent volume concentration of magnetite (Fe3o4).

It updates every second. It is sensitive to motion and will give the most accurate readings

if user pump the search coil up and down several times over the ground.

The presence of metal or “hot rocks” will cause the readings to be inaccurate

so if user stops moving the search coil, the bar graph will go blank.

Depth Indicator

When operating in Discrimination Mode, a target’s location and size

can be verified using the Pin Point control.

While holding the Pin Point button, the Depth indicator will appear.

The number beneath depth represents the distance of the object, in inches,

from the search coil.

The Depth scale is calibrated to coin-sized objects.

But for objects other than a coin, the numeric value is a relative measure of the target’s depth.

Signal Indicator

The lower-left bar graph on screen designates signal strength

only when operating in discrimination mode.

The signal strength indicator at the bottom left of the screen

indicates how large or close the buried metal target is.

If all bars are illuminated, the target is large or close to the search coil.

But if one or two bars are illuminated, the target is far away or small, or both.

Audio Feedback

When a target is detected, the device will respond with two types of sound:

*   V.C.O. (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) which is an audio response

with variable pitch and volume.

* A low tone beep.

The stronger the target signal, the higher the volume

and the higher the audio pitch.

Very weak signals will have the faintest volume and lowest pitch,

for this reason, the use of headphones is always recommended

for detecting the smaller and deeper targets

Digital Target ID

In Discrimination Mode the 2-digit target indicator, in the middle of the screen,

provides a specific target value to help identify buried targets more accurately.

With practice in the field, you will learn to associate target values with the probable identification

of buried objects.

The target value can vary each time the search coil passes over the target,

depending upon the orientation of the object and its distance from the search coil.

Package Contents

– Main Unit of device

– Demountable Handle

– Headphones

– User Manual & DVD

– Warranty for one year from Manufacturer


Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Product rating:5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Fisher Gold Bug Pro a simple easy to use gold detection device with unmatched price and features in comparison with more expensive gold detectors

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