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Fusion Light
Fusion Light

OKM Fusion Light is compact easy to use and lighter version of its big brother Fusion,

a powerful 3D ground scanner from OKM Germany.

Search System3D Imaging
Maximum Depth15-20 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

OKM Fusion Light is compact easy to use and lighter version of

its big brother Fusion, a powerful 3D ground scanner from OKM Germany.

However Fusion Light is a good and efficient solution for treasure hunters

and prospectors looking to find buried golden treasures and cavities underground.

Fusion Light includes a compact probe consists of control unit with integrated sensors,

and is controlled via Android App that can be installed on any Tablet

or smartphone with Android system.

fusion light

Fusion Light Features

Devices Uses

–  Find buried golden objects such as gold treasures, golden chests, and ancient coins and so on.

–  Detection of Non-Ferrous metals such as silver, bronze and copper.

–  Prospecting of natural gold objects such as gold nuggets and gold veins.

–  Cavities detection like tunnels, chambers, dugouts, bunkers

Search Technology

Fusion Light use a measurement probe for measuring changes

in magnetic field in the scanned ground and then it recorded inside the device,

the data visualized as 3D graphics representation via bundled app

that can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet.


Operating Mode

3D Scan Mode

The 3D Ground Scan feature helps treasure hunters, military seekers

and historians also , to track down underground cavities and artifacts.

So potential finds and discoveries can be acoustically signaled

via smartphone on request. At the same time, the measurement data

is displayed on the display of your Android smartphone or tablet via OKM App

and can be saved for further analysis.

You also will get a more accurate 3D image by transferring

the scan data to your PC and analyze it with the software Visualizer 3D.

Magnetometer Mode

This mode is useful to detect anomalies in magnetic field

resulting from the ground, so it may an indication about potential finds.

In this way, artifacts buried for a long time such as treasure chests,

old ammunition and other ferrous objects can be detected.

In this mode also, a visual presentation is display inside Android app.


Package Contents

  • Measurement Probe
  • Smartphone or Tablet ( Optional not included)
  • User’s manual

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