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GPZ 7000 is a most reliable and powerful natural gold detector with professional-level features for detection of smallest nuggets

Search SystemZVT
Maximum Depth3 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

GPZ 7000 gold detector is first-class metal detector from Minelab that has many awards

and chosen as first natural gold detector in the world.

GPZ 7000 with its unique ZVT technology offer most reliable performance for detection

of tiniest gold nuggets in most harsh soils and terrain at deeper depths.

GPZ 7000 is professional device for professional gold prospector that offer

best results at great performance that meet the needs.


Minelab GPZ 7000 Review

GPZ 7000 is a recommended choice for any serious gold prospector

because of its powerful set of features and good performance.

GPZ 7000 gave reliable results for its users in all countries around the world such as  Africa and Australia,

as a result  of its performance in comparison with all other rival gold detectors devices.

The reason of the high performance of GPZ 7000 is the existence of the ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) technology,

the first of its kinds, because it is not available in any competitor device.

Zero Voltage Transmission ( ZVT)

Most metal detectors and gold detectors devices work according to

two technologies for searching for different kinds of metals:

1 – Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology which offer better sensitivity at higher frequencies

2 – Pulse Induction (PI) technology which offer more depth in mineralized grounds.

Each previous technologies has its own advantages, and also disadvantages and practical uses.

GPZ 7000 incorporates the unique ZVT technology, so it combines the positives of both technologies,

as a result giving high sensitivity to capture the smallest gold nuggets available in VLF technology,

with a deeper depth of up to 40% in comparison with any rival device

that works according to pulse induction technology.

GPZ 7000 VS GPX 5000

GPX 5000 considered a most powerful device for gold detection;

because it is reliable device which works using pulse induction technology with special features.

When comparing the GPZ 7000 and the GPX 5000,

the GPZ 7000 is clearly superior in terms of depth and sensitivity

to capture the gold nuggets.

As you can see in following picture , GPZ 7000 gold detector gives a more sensitivity

for smallest gold nuggets and more depth in comparison with GPX 5000 ,

even at larger gold nuggets sizes.

GPZ 7000 Features

Waterproof Coil

GPZ 7000 has a standard oval search coil (14 inch) that delivers outstanding

performance on all terrain and gives also a quick response and good sensitivity

to capture rough gold signals.

The previous search coil is waterproof so it is suitable for use near the shores of the sea,

rivers and lakes and can be dipped to a depth of 1 meter.

The device can also withstand rain and wet weather.

 Super – D Search Coil

The new 19-inch Super-D disc can also be installed on the device,

which gives better performance and greater depth thanks to its advanced technology.

The Super-D search disk can be used with the GPZ 7000 for higher sensitivity

and also a greater search depth compared to the normal standard search coil.

The Super-D has two D-shaped coils, one to the right of the central main coil in

the middle of the disc and the other to the left.

The position of the coils in this manner relative to the targets near the surface

of the search coil provides a double audio response when the coil is passed

and moved above these targets because there are two receivers coils.

But for the farthest gold nuggets of the coil, the search coil in this case act as a traditional search

coil where the great voice response occurs directly under the central axis of the coil.

GPS Locating

With built-in GPS locating feature the user  can save the coordinates of

current search area and record it on Google Maps for later detection.

Wireless Audio

With WM12 wireless module the user can hear gold signals without needing to attach headphone

to the device , so it is more comfortable for the user during moving and detection in search fields.

GPZ 7000 Depth

With its exclusive ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) technology, GPZ 7000 can detect gold nuggets

at depths up to 40% deeper than any rival device

Automatic Ground Balance

GPZ 7000 performs well in all terrains because of its Automatic Ground Balance feature

that change and adjust the ground balance value of the device according to searched ground terrain

and work flawlessly in all ground conditions such as  mineralized soils or rocky ground…

Noise Immunity

This feature enables the prospector to perform smooth and quiet detecting as the device

cancels the noise signals from different sources and thus the user can listen to gold signals only.

Simple Use User Interface

It has been designed with simple menu system with graphical icons with quickly accessible settings

that can be adjusted easily by using buttons below the display screen.

The user can navigate through Detecting or Mapping pages to select and adjust

relative settings and then configure some device functions.

Package Contents

– Main control unit of GPZ 7000 that include electronic circuits and screen and buttons

– Super – D Search coil (14 x 13 inch)

– Cover for search coil

– User Manual


– Warranty for 3 years from manufacturer

* Optional Accessories:

– BC 10 Battery Charger

– WM 12 Wireless Audio Module

– Headphone Module

– Koss Headphones

– Detector Carry Bag


GPZ 7000

Product rating:5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000 from Minelab , a best natural gold detector ever with its new advanced technologies and powerful features set in gold and metal detectors field

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