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sdc 2300
sdc 2300

SDC 2300 from Minelab, is a practical small-sized medium-range priced device ideal for discovering the smallest natural gold nuggets that do not exceed one gram in all terrain and even under water.

Search SystemPulse Induction
Maximum Depth2 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

SDC 2300 from Minelab, is a practical small-sized medium-range

priced device ideal for discovering the smallest natural gold nuggets

that do not exceed one gram in all terrain and even under water.

The device works using a developed pulse induction technology

that has proven successful in detecting metals with greater efficiency

and greater depths compared to electromagnetic devices operating

with VLF technology, as it provides the best performance in all difficult

and harsh natural terrain such as desert lands, sandy soils and any other environment.

The device includes many practical features that are convenient

to facilitate the work of the prospector in the detection of ore gold,

especially such as the feature of audio discrimination and high sensitivity

with streamlined and waterproof design and other features

sdc 2300

SDC 2300 Features

– MPF Technology

MPF (Multi Period Fast) technology includes a rapid switching technology

for the pulsed induction between the transmission signal and the reception signal.

Therefore, the remaining transmission signal is minimal or weaker effect within

the reception cycle, and this helps in the discovery of sharp and clear gold

for very small for nuggets not exceeding one gram

– Compact High-Quality Design

The mechanical specifications of the SDC 2300 designed and tested according

to military standards. Minelab’s R&D experts select quality materials and make

sure the product is easy to operate.

An important feature of the device is the ability to fold into a small portable

size that fits portable luggage and most backpacks.

The design of the device according to military standards as a single piece

is designed to perform in the most difficult conditions with no need

for assembly or installation.

– Waterproof

The device can be fully immersed in water up to 10 inches (3 meters) underwater

for detection in riverbeds and beaches, allowing the prospector to move easily

from land to water.

– Gold Patches Hunting

The prospector can search quickly and efficiently in places that are difficult

to reach and far to find those adjacent blocks of gold ores that are in the form

of clusters of grains or in the form of golden veins within the composite rocks

– High Sensitivity

SDC 2300 is very sensitive to the small gold scattered in high-mineralized grounds.

Prospectors often lose this gold with both VLF and PI detectors due to difficult

ground conditions and the size of fine gold.

Prospector can now discover lost small gold in previously searched areas.

These small gold discoveries could lead the way to new corrections

and places with larger deposits of gold.

– Audio Discrimination

The gold detection sound response within the SDC 2300 provides discrimination

in the form of a acoustic tone when the coil or search coil passes over targets

of ferrous or non-ferrous metal object.

Depending on the amplitude of the tone and the duration, a distinction

can be made between discovering targets located at shallow depths

or targets at greater depth.

Since a louder and shorter time indicates a shallow target, and vice versa,

a quieter tone within a longer period of time indicates a deep and larger target.

A target that makes a choppy sound multiple times is always a target close to

the surface or at the surface of the ground.

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