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Information About Metal Detectors


Information About Metal Detectors

About Metal Detectors

Metal detector device is an electronic device that used to find buried metallic objects underground;

it can be used for multiple purposes like searching for ancient coins or buried treasure or relics and even gold.

Metal detectors devices used to find buried metallic objects underground such as coins, old relics, ancient treasures, artifacts …etc.


It is available in the market in different forms from countries such as America, Germany, Australia and Turkey.

There are many companies that manufacture metal detectors and gold detectors for different classes of customers

including gold prospectors, treasure hunters, archaeologists and so on, famous brands include OKM, Minelab, Nokta Makro, Garrett, Fisher…etc

Metal detectors works using different technologies and used in many applications and places, it comes with in many different shapes

and with wide range of features and prices from hobby devices to professional one.

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Types of Metal Detectors


Electromagnetic Metal Detectors


It works according to one of two search technologies.: very low frequency (VLF) or pulse induction technology (PI)

which depends on a search coil used to detect the presence of different metals, including gold within the search area

below the search coil and gives an audio alert to the user and an indicator in form of digital Target ID also.

These devices have a limited scope of depth and relatively cheap prices and It is the most widespread devices in the world.

Examples: Impact, Kruzer, GPZ 7000.


3D Imaging Metal Detectors


It uses special probes for ground scanning. The scan results are usually displayed on a computer screen or Tablet

in a three-dimensional graph showing the structure of the ground in the search area and the targets buried in it also.

However these devices are characterized by high accuracy and coverage of a wide field of scan and multiple features

that ensure the accurate results for the prospector and professional searcher.

Examples: Invenio, OKM EXP 6000, Rover C4

Long-Range Metal Detectors


It uses search antennas to receive target signals buried underground remotely.

These devices are characterized by a very wide field of scan and huge search depths compared to other types of metal detectors

Examples: Mega Gold

Multi – Systems Metal Detectors

There are some metal detectors devices that may contain more than one search system

that use different technologies within a single device and this gives the prospector multiple search options

so that can be used for different applications or to confirm the results of other search systems.

Example: Mega Scan Pro includes three search systems: Long Range Locator system – Ionic Scanner system – Magnetic system.

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Metal Detectors Prices

The price factor is a key factor in selecting the metal detector by the prospector,

whether he is a beginner or an experienced professional. It is logical that any prospector wants to

buy the cheapest device with the best performance and functions

determine the gold detector price, including search technology and the maximum depth and additional accessories

attached to the device such as sensors or different search coils and parts.


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How to Choose Right Metal Detector?

Hobbyists and enthusiasts tend to stick to what they know, and are often very loyal to a particular brand or model.

They may not even be familiar with newer products or technology on the market. So, a recommendation, even from

a long-time user, may not give you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

However too choose the best metal detector that fit your needs and budget you must consider some factors and features,

for getting most of your metal detector of choice.

How to Choose Right Metal Detector?

To find how to choose right metal detector visit this link

Top 5 Metal Detectors 2019

Here in this list we give some glance on most powerful and best metal detectors and gold detectors devices – in our opinion – from different brands

Mega Scan Pro

Most powerful gold and metal detector, it has three search systems with easy to use program

and preset programs to find all types of metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum and even diamond.

3D Ground Navigator 2

3D Ground Navigator 2 is a new version of trusted metal detector

that has been successful and gave best results for professional prospectors

and treasure hunters around the world.

So it is a professional device for all the needs of

serious and professional users and treasure hunters with its versatile functions and features.

Invenio Pro

Invenio gold & metal detector a new device with un-preceded patented technology

that scan ground layers and display real shape and size and depth of detected targets on its screen.

So it is most trusted metal detector to find hidden golden treasures underground.

Rover C4

Rover C4 a new generation in 3D metal detectors and ground scanners, with enhanced technology from

OKM-Germany a leader company in field of 3D imaging  detectors

Rover C4 is a perfect choice for treasure a hunter who is looking for buried treasures like chests,

boxes, golden artifacts and statues and silver coins, rings and jewelry


IMPACT gold and metal detector device is a new reliable device for any gold seeker

and treasure hunter in the world which offers best great performance at best economic price.

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FAQ’s About Metal Detectors

In short, yes, because gold is a metal, and metal detectors can detect any metal, whether ferrous or non-ferrous. There are also devices that contain special features for detecting gold in particular.

Metal detectors can be classified according to several classifications, and most popular classification is according to the search system or search technology in the device, and classified into the following types:

1 – Electromagnetic metal detectors

2 – 3D imaging system

3 – Long-Range metal detectors

You can review the following article to learn more: Types of Metal Detectors

The 3D imaging metal detectors are the most accurate in their results when searching for metals. These devices give a three-dimensional image representing the structure of the ground scanned by the measurement probe. It is easy to know the depth and position of the target buried accurately through a special application or program installed on a tablet or computer undled usually with these devices.

The maximum depth that a metal or gold detector can detect depends on several factors, including the type of the device’s search system.

For example, the maximum depth of electromagnetic devices is about 2-3 meters, while up in the long-range devices to 30 – 40 m and in the 3D imaging metal detectors about 20 – 25 meters.

Knowing that the maximum depth of the discovery of any target depends on the length of burial of the object, its orientation, its size and dimensions, type of metal and several other factors.

The idea of ​​a metal detector was invented by inventor Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone) in 1881.

The first metal detector, in its current form, was designed in 1925 by Gerhard Fischer, the founder of the US company Fisher Labs, which was put up for sale in 1931.

The metal detectors are operated according to one of the two search technologies using a search coil that contains electrical coils.

The first technology is called very low frequency or VLF, here two coils are used, one search coil to transmit electromagnetic signals and another to receive signals reflected from the buried target.

The second technology is Pulse Induction and uses one coil to send electromagnetic impulses to the ground and then receiving the reflected signal.

Information About Metal Detectors

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Information About Metal Detectors

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