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MEGA SCAN PRO Best Gold & Metal Detector

Mega Scan Pro is a most powerful metal detector developed by German based company Mega Locators.

The device include unique reliable technology to find buried metallic objects underground.

The long range locator system in Mega Scan Pro enable to find most types of metal including gold

from long and far distances reaching up to 2000 m range .

MEGA-SCAN-PRO-ORIENTTEC-ENWith built-in preset programs for gold-silver-platinum-diamond…etc, it is easy

for the user to select the program and starting search for specific metal.

Mega Scan Pro also incorporate another two search systems, first the Ionic scan system

used to find ancient gold treasures and archaeological objects.

The second system is Ionic Scan system useful to find iron-like metals and underground cavity.

Mega Scan Pro is all in one multi purpose metal detector device ,thanks to all search systems and its simple user interface .

It is a recommended device for any new or professional prospector or treasure hunter.

find out more about device : Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro Features List

  • 3 search systems (Long Range – Ionic Scan – Magnetic system) for different purposes
  • Wide adjustable scan range ( 0 – 2000 meter) for wide area coverage
  • Huge adjustable depth range (0 – 40 meter) to find deepest treasures
  • 10 preset programs in long range system to find all metal kinds and even diamond
  • Easy way to calculate the depth of targets by Deep Master a depth measurement unit
  • Simple graphical program for easy settings adjustment
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable long practical use

mega-scan-pro-search-systemsMega Scan Pro Uses

  • Detect most types of metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Special programs to find diamond and gemstones
  • Find underground cavity and tunnels by Magnetometer system
  • Detection of long-time buried treasures using ionic scan system

The Correct Way to Use Mega Scan Pro 

Here in this section we will explain in detail how to use Mega Scan Pro properly

when using the long range locator system , follow following steps for correct use.


Follow these steps to install the device for using long range locator system :

  • Install  antennas in their sockets in small search unit in front of  the main unit of the device.
  • Open both search antennas to a maximum length.
  • Calibrate the balance of antennas  by rotating it right and left until the height is same between the two antennas.
  • Install signal boosting radar (parabolic antenna) in its socket above search unit

Setting Adjustment

  • Turn on the device by pressing the power button .
  • After selecting the language from the languages menu . choose the “Long Range Locator” system from “System Mode” menu
  • A list of preset search programs will appear ,select the suitable search program by pressing  Enter button.
  • Then after selection the target program, the Program Download screen will appear
  • The search screen will appear and it will show the selected program , for example : Gold
  • The search screen contains a graph that contains distances range and depths range values
  • You can select the distance and depth value by using arrow buttons on control panel.

Search Procedure

  • Hold the device at chest level with the antennas bent down 3-5 degrees to the ground.
  • If you close towards the area you would search, open your feet to the left and right.
  • Hold your arm still and search by moving your hip.
  • It would be beneficial to conduct more than one search in the same area in order to understand whether you are on a right target track.
  • Turn to the area that you would search by having your back at the north direction.
  • Search the area from left to right and right to left.
  • The antennas would be locked on the target during the search, even though you turn the device.
  • Repeat this procedure until you are certain of the target presence.
  • In order to determine target location, make many searches from at least 3 different points for accurate results.
  • Mark the target path when the antennas are locked on the target by the help of the laser beam using stones or drawing a line on the ground
  • After the first determination, move 5-10 steps to the left or right, search again; the antennas should again lock upon target detection.
  • If there are two or more targets close to each other in the same area, you can conduct closer searches and determine these target locations separately.

Target’s Position Indication

This method allows the user to locate the target accurately  and validate the target existence.

The box around the target can be completed with a distance of 200 cm from the target center.

When the user is in the same line with the target, the antennas turn into the target.

If the target is real, the antennas must turn to the target of all four sides.

Otherwise there is a possibility that the target is not real.



Mega Scan Pro Gold & Metal Detector

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Mega Scan Pro Gold & Metal Detector

Mega Scan Pro a best gold detector & metal detector ever, with 3 search systems and 10 search programs to find all metals underground

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