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Professional Gold Detector

Professional Gold Detector

Professional Gold Detector

What is Gold Detector ?

It is an electronic device equipped with circuits and frequencies of international standards

to detect the magnetic fields of gold and minerals buried in the ground and also

used to detect voids and caves.

These technologies have emerged in the late twentieth century and even today

and are constantly evolving.


Professional Gold Detector 

Professional Gold Detector and Metal Detectors, these devices are manufactured by internationally

renowned companies with a long history of manufacturing and developing technologies

for gold and metal detectors
These companies are interested in developing technologies to give customers

the most powerful metal detectors.


The best companies that manufacture Professional Gold and Metal Detectors


OKM German Detectors:

For more than 20 years,  OKM are inventing, developing and manufacturing innovative

and high-performing geophysical instruments like metal detectors,

3D ground scanners, ground penetrating radars, water detectors and more.

OKM are very proud to support the work of archaeologists, geologists,

treasure hunters, gold diggers as well as police and security forces all over

the world by providing unique detection technology made in Germany.


Mega Locators Detection :

Mega locators has been conducting researches for 30 years focusing on

gold, heavy metals, archaeological treasures, and underground water.
The expert team, existing in German, has developed and achieved many

researches regarding metal detection in which all international companies and manufacturers relied on for their productions.
These technologies, we introduced to the world, have helped improving

all the detecting machines ranging from small devices to big ones.

Consequently, people around the world have achieved their dreams easily.


Minelab Detectors :

Minelab is the world leader in providing metal detecting technologies

for consumer, humanitarian demining and military needs.

Through our dedication to research & development and innovative

design, Minelab is the major world manufacturer of hand held metal detector products.

Over the past 30 years, Minelab has introduced more innovative and practical

technology than any of our competitors and has taken the metal detecting

industry to new levels of excellence.


Best Professional Metal Detectors



Mega Scan Pro 2019 the new version of the most powerful gold & metal detector with 3 search systems and 10 programs to find gold, metals, and gold treasures  underground.




3D Ground Navigator

3D Ground Navigator 2 A new version of best 3D ground scanner metal detector with new touch screen and new features, perfect for treasure hunters.





Equinox Metal Detector

Equinox metal detector is a unique device, thanks to its unique Multi-IQ technology, which adapts equally to all kinds of targets, conditions and terrain






Professional Gold Detector

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Professional Gold Detector

Professional Gold Detector and Metal Detectors, these devices are manufactured by internationally renowned companies at best prices

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